Pneumatic Linear actuator TL series in carbon steel

Designed to operate  gate and globe valves, this product has different character:

  • Available in different diameters (from 160 to 1100);
  • Available in Double Acting and Spring Return;
  • Supply pressure from 2 to 12 bar;
  • Planned with external tie rods to simplify the maintenance;
  • In single effect version the spring is pre-compressed to guarantee the safety maintenance;
  • Actuator equipped with a mounting kit that allows to adjust the stroke required
  • The bracket allows to assembly Limit Switch box for local and remote position monitoring;
  • Available with different options: Handwheel override, manual hydraulic pump, damper
  • Adapt to be installed in dangerous places. (in compliance with ATEX Declaration)
  • Temperature: from -30 to + 100°C

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