The production of renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuels is the challenge of our epoch. However, producing clean energy requires highly efficient and resistant systems, which, thanks to simple installation and maintenance, allow a reduction in consumption.
Thus eco-sustainable systems also need actuators that adapt perfectly to engineering needs.

Characteristics of electric actuators for alternative energy systems

Renewable energy production plants are often located in environments that severely test components and materials: these plants must be able to convert the forces of wind, water and the sun into exploitable energy. They must therefore be resistant to extreme conditions as must the electric actuators installed in them.

To enable maximum efficiency, the actuators must have:

  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • Reduced energy consumption and eco-sustainable systems;
  • Products tested to guarantee functionality and durability.

Types of actuators for alternative energy plants

The actuators that TruTorq produces for alternative energy plants are available for the following types:

  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic quart-turn Fast Acting actuators

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