Valves mounted in the wrong position

  • Sector: Oil & Gas
  • Customer: Petrom (OVM group)
  • Location: Romania
  • Products: Heavy duty spring return pneumatic actuators.
Case History TEG Bulbuceni: Valves mounted in the wrong position


During the construction of the plant, two valves were mounted in the wrong position, the positions of one normally open and one normally closed were reversed by the company that carried out the assembly of the instrumentation.


One of our technicians went to the plant in Romania to coordinate and assist in the disassembly and replacement of the two actuators in question, verifying, once installed correctly, their functionality.
The TEG Bulbuceni project required TruTorq to produce "Heavy Duty" spring return pneumatic actuators equipped with remote control panels for the automation of 20" Gas line by-pass valves with both safety position in open position and others with safety position in closed position.

This job took TruTorq 12 weeks from the acceptance of the order to the functional test, supervised by third-party inspectors.
The most critical aspect of the disassembly and handling operations was the weight of the two actuators: 19,000 Kg.