Hydraulic actuators under stress

  • Sector: Power Plant
  • Location: Iran
  • Product: Single acting hydraulic actuators
Case History: Hydraulic actuators under stress


The application was intended to manage a Turbine distribution line. The supply by TruTorq consisted of normally closed single-acting hydraulic actuators.

An on-off type operation and a capacity control function, alongside normal operation by the actuators, operate like a safety system in the event of an emergency, returning the valve to the safety position (closed in this case) in a very short time (0.2 seconds for the actuator with an on-off function and 0.7 seconds for the actuator with a control function).

The criticality found was twofold:

  • High stress to which the material was subjected in terms of operating time;
  • Hydraulic actuators, unlike pneumatic actuators, do not release pressure into the atmosphere.

Therefore, the new system had to collect the hydraulic oil during the discharge, taking into account that all the oil contained in the actuator had to drain from it within a specific time frame.


The activity carried out by TruTorq initially involved the technical department for the design of actuators able to withstand the stress in terms of materials and performance.
The technical department then interfaced with the company selected to supply the hydraulic fluid control units so as to collaborate on finding a shared solution.

Case History: Hydraulic actuators under stress