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Py type

Pneumo-hydraulic heavy duty scotch yoke, symmetric and canted, with 0 to 90° movement.

  • Supply medium: air or natural gas or filtered hydraulic oil
  • Double end-stop adjustments, open and closed position: 0±5° 90±5°
  • Torque output: 1875…32728 Nm (at 100 bar), 17178…64932 in/lbs (at 80 psi)
  • Temperature: standard -30…+100°C (-22…+212°F), high -20…+150°C (-4…+302°F), low -55…+80°C (-67…+176°F)
  • Welded steel, epoxy coated, yellow (RAL 1021) or according to customers' requirements
  • Interface: valve ISO 5211/DIN3337 and NAMUR, accessories top mounted VDI/VDE3845 and NAMUR


  • Fabricated of welded Carbon Steel.
  • Bidirectional dual stop adjustments built-in Yoke, allowing for adjustment from 85° to 95°. Module and subjected to pressurized area, for safe operation.
  • Yoke fabricated in welded steel, equipped with two self-lubricating bronze bearings to improve yoke alignment.
  • Steel Pin, equipped with two bushes bearings, to ensure symmetrical movement. Two chromed steel bars guide the yoke during the travel through a steel trolley.

Pneumatic cylinder

  • Fabricated in Carbon Steel.
  • The cylinder could be completely welded or connected by tie rods according to the pressure design required.
  • Maximum pressure 210 bar.
  • Minimum pressure 4 bar.
  • Suitable with natural gas supply.

Hydraulic cylinder

  • Fabricated in Carbon Steel.
  • Completely welded for better pressure resistance.
  • Maximum pressure 210 bar.
  • Equipped with hydraulic hand pump for manual override operation, mounted directly onto the actuator.
  • Hand pump connected to hydraulic cylinder through Stainless Steel tubing and fittings.

Surface treatments

  • Yoke & Trolley are phosphate plated.
  • Entire outer surface of the actuator is sandblasted and epoxy painted, RAL3020 as standard, to be painted in another color, upon request.