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Hy type

Hydraulic heavy duty scotch yoke, symmetric and canted, with 0 to 90° movement.

  • Supply medium: filtered hydraulic oil.
  • Double end-stop adjustments, open and closed position: 0±5° 90±5°
  • Torque output (DA): 1875…300000 Nm (at 100 bar), 15302…2655224 in/lbs (at 1500 psi)
  • Torque output (SR): 360…107520 Nm (at 100 bar), 15302…951632 in/lbs (at 1500 psi)
  • Temperature: standard -30…+100°C (-22…+212°F), high -20…+150°C (-4…+302°F), low -55…+80°C (-67…+176°F)
  • Welded steel, epoxy coated, red (RAL 3020) or according to customers' requirements.
  • Interface: valve ISO 5211/DIN3337 and NAMUR, accessories top mounted VDI/VDE3845 and NAMUR


  • Fabricated of welded Carbon Steel.
  • Bidirectional dual stop adjustments built-in Yoke, allowing for adjustment from 85° to 95°. Module and subjected to pressurized area, for safe operation.
  • Yoke fabricated in welded steel, equipped with two self-lubricating bronze bearings to improve yoke alignment.
  • Steel Pin, equipped with two bushes bearings, to ensure symmetrical movement. Two chromed steel bars guide the yoke during the travel through a steel trolley.

Hydraulic cylinder

  • Fabricated in Carbon Steel.
  • Completely welded for better pressure resistance.
  • Maximum pressure 210 bar.
  • Double Acting (DA) available in single or dual cylinder.

Spring cylinder

  • Spring is located inside Steel Cylinder. Spring is sized over the oil supply pressure.
  • The Spring cylinder is connected by welding to the flange that is fixed to the central body. The design make it possible to remove completely the cylinder with the spring compressed inside, in a very safe way.

Surface treatments

  • Yoke & Trolley are phosphate plated..
  • Entire outer surface of the actuator is sandblasted and epoxy painted, RAL3020 as standard, to be painted in another color, upon request.