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TruTorq Italia is a company leader in the manufacturing and marketing of quarter turn pneumatic actuators for industrial automation. The production consists in scotch yoke and rack and pinion models, to be able to satisfy customer's needs.

TruTorq Italia is part of an international group that has for over 30 years been at the forefront of actuators technology, establishing a reputation for design innovation, excellence in manufacturing and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

TruTorq Italia is the production facility, since 1991, for all the group and provides with fast and efficient access to some of the best technology and engineering know-how in the world. Thank to these features we are able to produce and place on the market different lines of product in which the quality is ensured by experience in the machining and flexibility keeping in mind the final application that the product has to satisfy.

The factory operates a quality assurance plan to ISO9001:2008 which certificate by Tuv Sud Italy.